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• Camlock Couplers
• Storz Couplers
• Claw Couplers
• Perrot / Bauer Couplers
• Ball Valves, Brass Gate Valves
• M/S + S/S Hose Clamps

Used as a conveying of foodstuffs
such as dairy products, edible oil
and alcoholic beverages. Double braided hose improves the
pressure rating by at least 30%...
• Mining Hose
• PVC Suction & Delivery Hoses
• Layflat Hoses
• Clear PVC Hoses
• Rock Drill Hoses
• Garden Hoses...
• Green Stripe Mining Hoses
• Gold Stripe Mining Hoses
• Oil Resistant Mining Hoses
• Fire Reel Hoses
• Water Suction Hoses
• Furnance Coolant Hoses...

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